Check Original Print of Ajrak Dress Design (Kurti, Shawl, Saree)

Ajrak Dress Design

Ajrak is 5000 old culture of Indus valley civilization. It is widely famous in subcontinent. However, Pakistan and India are the major hub of this master piece. The dress made from Ajrak are getting huge demand in western world. Keeping this in view today I have brought some original print of Ajrak Dress Design i.e Ajrak Shawl, Ajrak Kurti, Ajrak Saree and Ajrak westcoat etc.

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Hand Made Ajrak

Hand Made Ajrak

Ajrak Shawl
Ajrak Shawl
Ajrak Kurti
Ajrak Kurti
Ajrak Saree
Ajrak Saree
Full Suit Ajrak Design
Full Ajrak Dress
Sindhi Ajrak
Sindhi Ajrak
Ajrak Waistcoat
Ajrak with White Suite
Ajrak Frock
Ajrak Qaleen
Ajrak Qaleen

History of Ajrak

Sindh is rich in culture. From dresses to blankets, there are thousands of colors of this region that always captivate the heart. Ajrak is also an important part of Sindhi culture.

From Multan (ancient Sindh) to Ajmer Sharif. And from there to Dwarka and even to Ajrakpur, District Kutch, India. There is not a street or road where Ajrak Dress design are not present with its distinctive colors and prints.


It is said that the decorated priest’s cloak found at Mohenjo Daro is also a type of Ajrak, hence one guess is that Ajrak Moin Jo was also used during the Daru period and its design. Similar to the “cooker ajrak” produced today.

According to a tradition, the priests of Moen Jo Daru used to cover themselves with a kind of cloak after taking bath every morning. One day he got to wear Ajrak which he liked very much, but since then he started using Ajrak. In Arabic language it is called Azraq which means blue color.

It is a type of colorful and patterned cloth, used in Sindh for tying shoulders and turbans, featuring indigo (indigo).

handmade ajarak can be gauged from the fact that the cloth has to go through five stages just for printing. It takes more than a month to complete a two-and-a-half-yard yard. It has four distinctive colors, namely black, white, red and indigo, which are the hallmarks of Ajrak.

The distinguishing characteristic of hand-made prints is that they are printed on both sides, while screen-printed prints are printed on only one side.

Types of Ajrak Dress Design

Here I am going to introduce you with some famous Ajrak Dress Design bellow:-

1. Ajrak Shawl

Sindhi Ajrak

First of all I am giving you some touch about Sindhi Ajrak Shawl. Because Ajrak is mainly used as shawl. Thus it is equally favorite of men and women. People of Sindh loves to give it as gift to their guests.


Generally the length of the shawl is 2.5 meter. However, it can be increased or decreased as per choice. It comes in four colors i.e indigo, maroon, black and red.

This shawl is a important part of bride and groom dress in Sindh. The girls us it to cover their body. Whereas, man us this Ajrak Shawl as turban or muffler. Therefore, this shawl has a great importance in Sindhi Ajrak Dress design.

2. Ajrak Kurti


Besides with shawls Ajrak Kurti is also getting huge popularity in the fashion world. Due to his uniqueness and hand work, the elegant women circle demanding this type Ajrak Dress Design.


Mostly women wear Ajrak Kurti with white shalwar or pajama. However, it gives amazing look on Garbee color.

3. Ajrak Waistcoat

Now ajrak waistcoat is also produced, which are now in general use.

These Ajrak Dress design have different patterns and there are many types. This innovation will become the introduction of Sindh with a new color in the coming times. The identity and tradition of Sindh province is a source of pride for all Pakistanis. But now it has become a worldwide sensation. Because last year a fashion house in America copied the Ajrak design and introduced it as a dress. Since then Ajrak suits have become popular everywhere. .

4. Ajrak Saree


In India the use of Ajrak Saree is on rise. A village namely Ajrakpur in Kutch district of Gujrat state is the main hub of Ajrak production.


The quality of Ajrak print in India is not as good as of Sindh. However, the local made Ajrak Saree is very famous among the women in India. Besides with red the black and grey color sarees are being printed.

5. Full Suite Ajrak Dress Design


Ajrak suits used to be adorned by Sindhi people only. But since these suits have become fashionable. Women are wearing them with great passion. Because after sewing these suits look very beautiful.

Women get a unique style for their clothes that is very attractive to look. Earlier ajrak Shawls were more popular but now ajrak suits, sarees and bed sheets are available in the market in a wide range.

Similarly, “Sindhi Tanka” is very famous in embroidery, which is used for embroidery on all kinds of clothes. There is no doubt that Sindhi is the owner of Kona Kunit regarding the culture. From clothes to blankets. There are thousands of colors of this region that keep the heart always alive.

Closing Ajrak Dress Design

It is said about Ajrak, an important part of Sindhi culture. That the decorated robe of the priest found at Moin Jo Daru is also a type of Ajrak. And its design is similar to the “Kikkar Wali Ajrak” produced today.

According to a tradition, the priests of Moen Jo Dro used to wear a kind of cloak after taking bath in the morning. One day they got to wear an ajrak which they liked very much. From then on they started using ajrak. Now Ajrak Dress Design is a colorful and patterned cloth. And used in Sindh for tying the shoulders and turban, in which indigo color (indigo) is prominent.

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