Stylish and Modern Dressing Table Design 2023

Dressing Table Design 2023

Dressing Table Design are multifunctional pieces of furniture and, without a doubt, a great investment not only when decorating a bedroom, but also when it comes to creating a tidier and cleaner space. And it is that the dressing tables are designed with drawers and compartments. That allow you to store all your makeup, beauty accessories and costume jewelery in an organized way. So finding it easily and always having it at hand. 

In addition, they are key to creating an intimate and personal space in which to apply makeup, do your hair and spend time.

In this article some of the best dressing table design 2023 available online. That sold at affordable prices and equipped with rotating, folding mirrors with LED lighting. These are ideal for applying makeup with precision, achieving a clear and uniform view of the face.

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Famous Brands for Dress Table 

Here are some famous brands for dressing table in 2023:-  

Songmics Makeup Vanity

This white dressing table design is perfect for decorating your room with an elegant touch. As well as providing a comfortable and intimate space in which to do your makeup or do your hair. It has total dimensions of 75 x 40 x 139 centimeters and its assembly is very simple.

The Songmics dressing table has an integrated oval mirror and is accompanied by a stool, with a classic style and a soft cushion that has a striking and original colorful flower cover.

Includes drawers

It is a makeup dressing table equipped with four drawers distributed on two levels, two on the sides of the mirror and the other two integrated into the table,l. Designed with shiny handles. Thus, a large amount of storage space is guaranteed to store makeup or other accessories in an organized way.

VASAGLE makeup vanity

This white makeup dressing table with total dimensions of 90 x 40 x 133.5 centimeters, made of resistant and durable wooden boards, combined with legs capable of supporting up to 130 kilograms of weight.

The dressing table has two large drawers covered with tempered glass tops.  Simulating a transparent window that allows you to view all the accessories that are stored inside without having to open them. In addition, it also includes two small drawers located on the sides of the mirror.

Includes LED lighting

This dressing table design features a mirror designed with a frame that is embedded with ten round LED bulbs, which provide uniform lighting and are highly useful for precise makeup. In addition, its intensity can be adjusted in a personalized way.

Vasagle rustic make-up dressing table 

Stylish, stable and durable, this makeup vanity is made with a robust black steel frame and quality chipboard tops, with overall dimensions of 90 x 40 x 141 centimetres.

The mirror of this makeup vanity has a narrow frame, minimalist style and a triple design, which allows you to enjoy a wider view from different angles. It also has three large drawers and four compartments under the mirror.

With dryer holder

This modern dressing table design includes a metal support on one of the sides, perfect for safely placing the hairdryer or straightener and always having them at hand.

Eugad make-up dressing table

This Eugad furniture set includes a make-up dressing table with total dimensions of 100 x 40 x 75 centimeters and a matching stool, with a Nordic, minimalist style and ideal for adding a different touch to the decoration of any bedroom.

The stool has a size of 35 x 35 x 37 centimeters and is padded, to provide a comfortable seating sensation. Additionally, the dresser offers plenty of storage space, thanks to its under-table shelf and two drawers.

With folding mirror

The mirror of this makeup vanity is 40 x 40 centimeters in size, incorporates a sturdy white frame and has a folding design, so it can be folded away when not in use and have more space on the table, using it as a desk.

Vasagle  RDT25WT Dressing Table Design 

Enjoy a personal, intimate, spacious and organized makeup area with this dressing table designed by VASAGLE, with a classic and decorative style. It has total dimensions of 137.5 x 80 x 40 centimeters and has been made of resistant wood.

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The dressing table is accompanied by a matching stool and simple assembly instructions, to follow them step by step and complete the installation of the furniture in a simple way. Its mirror stands out, designed without a frame and with a mechanism that allows it to be rotated 360 degrees.

With a removable organizer

This dressing table design has a built-in pull-out organizer, equipped with six compartments to neatly store cosmetics such as nail polish, eye shadow, etc.

How to choose Dressing Table

The dressing table is a piece of furniture that, in general, is usually placed in a girl’s room or in the main bedroom of a house. This decorative piece of furniture allows you to get ready with everything you need at hand. Currently, there are all kinds of shapes and styles to be able to combine it with the chosen decoration.

Important features

  • Rotating or fixed main mirror
  • With drawers and shelves
  • Matching or separate seat
  • Mirror in three moving parts
  • Numerous accessory storage options

Basic Questions to Choose Well Dressing Table Design

The dressing table is a small piece of furniture, as beautiful as it is practical, which is used to get ready. Its great advantage is that it allows you to put on your makeup, comb your hair and decide what jewelery you are going to wear in front of a large mirror. But also, since it is also a decorative piece of furniture, you can put a vase or a framed photo on top .

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The dressing table design can have a large mirror or a triptych mirror (divided into three parts) with removable sides. To obtain the desired viewing angle, the inclination of the mirrors can be adjusted, which also allows you to see the back of the head. For this reason, they are ideal for creating complex hairstyles or for checking that the bow we have just made is well done and in place .

Dressing table is also highly valued for its many storage spaces (drawers, shelves, etc.). The goal is to be able to organize and have everything you need to get ready at hand; from hairpins to earrings, going through makeup .

The dressing table is usually sold with a matching seat, which can be a chair, a stool or even a small bench. The particularity of this seat is that, traditionally, it is usually well padded, covered with a fabric or a velvet cover. There are people who prefer to use a different or more comfortable seat than the one offered in the vanity line, it is a matter of taste!

This charming piece of furniture was very fashionable in the past, not only during the times of the nobility, but also in the 20th century, and now it has returned with force to help us complete the decoration of the bedroom and to delight furniture lovers . vintage .

If you buy a new dresser, you will have to assemble it yourself. Normally, these are sold disassembled 

Modern Styles for Dressing Table Design 

Vanity furniture exists in all sorts of styles. Let’s see some examples:

  • Baroque dressing table with gilding and heavily decorated legs;
  • Natural-style wooden dressing table , often with a white or white/wood patina;
  • Modern dressing table with straight or glass corners;
  • 1960s style dresser with metal
  • 1920s/Art Deco style dressing table .

Antique furniture is easy to find at flea markets and online, so you might as well find that 1950s or 1970s dresser with square legs that you want .

As for the materials of the toilet, everything is allowed. The most common materials are:

  • MDF (medium density fiberboard) board ;
  • Solid wood (rubber, pine, oak, etc.);
  • Crystal ;
  • Metal (for the legs).

Regarding the finishes, the dressing table may not have any or be painted and, in the case of wooden models, varnished or waxed . Their originality is often due to the designs carved into the wood (floral motifs, reliefs, garlands) around the mirrors and the handles used.

In fact, a stylish dressing table design can be very easily customized just by changing some common handles for golden metal handles.

Choose the Right Dimensions and Equipment

The dressing table is a relatively small piece of furniture. It is usually of uneven height, with the largest part also being the tallest . It can reach up to 140 cm.

The depth is variable or narrow (about 40 cm). Ideally, the dressing table occupies little space (shallow depth) to compensate for its height and thus continue to maintain its harmony.

The length of the dressing table design depends on its equipment, the number of drawers and the space provided for products and decorations. Therefore, the length of this piece of furniture to be arranged is variable, but it can be up to 80 or 90 cm for small spaces.

Remember that the stool that accompanies the dressing table has a maximum weight ; Don’t forget to look at it before making your purchase.

Tip: If you no longer use your folding mirrored dresser, you can always transform it into a console table or side desk .

Swivel mirror, shelves, hooks – very useful options

A dressing table allows hairstyles to be done with front, rear and side views. It is also used for anything else related to beauty and style in general . Therefore, there are different options to optimize its use, such as:

Necklace hooks ;

  • small drawers for jewelry ;
  • large drawers under the central part with compartments;
  • brush holders ;
  • shelves to put bottles of perfumes and other products.

The more compartments you have, the more things you can store and organize in this piece of furniture to have your space more organized.

Our recommendation: To protect the things you keep in the dresser, choose one with folding mirrors that are embedded in the table . There are also mirrors that rotate 360° and can have hooks to hang jewelry.

Before buying anything, be clear about what you need:

  • Something to order makeup? A drawer with compartments? A closet?
  • A jeweler?
  • A single mirror? A triple mirror?
  • Big or small?
  • A matching seat? What type?
  • Additional accessories? A brush holder? Necklace hooks?

Now you just have to find a nice dresser that looks good in your room.


In this article we have placed some unique stylish and new dressing table design that are in high demand in 2023. We have also tried our best to give you some important tips and tricks. So you can buy your dream dressing table for your bedroom.