Dulhan Mehndi Design 2024 Latest Collection


A bride’s appearance is not perfect without the perfect application of Dulhan Mehndi Design. Mehndi is usually applied by the bride on both palms and feet.

While for the groom, henna will be used on the little finger, ring finger and ghost finger either on one hand only or on both hands. This henna application event will be held on Mehndi night.


Even though the henna night is not a mandatory event for a wedding, it has become a trend these days to hold it even in a simple way.

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This is not only to complete the wonderful experience of the two brides and grooms to get married according to the traditional customs of the sub-continent community, but also to further strengthen the friendship between family members, friends and neighbors.


In contrast to the past, the bride will apply Dulhan mehndi design that is ground by herself using henna leaves on each fingertip and a circular pattern on the palm as a symbol of marriage. There are taboos and tips shared by the elders to ensure that the henna stays red until the moment the bride and groom are united.

Now, henna artists who are skilled at patterning mehndi designs into various flower and leaf designs using henna paste are quickly becoming the top choice of brides-to-be out there. Their services are very easily available on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram with prices starting from $40 to $300 depending on the package offered.

Best Dulhan Mehndi Design 


Below, I share 30 hand henna patterns to serve as Dulhan Mehndi Design and ideas for brides-to-be who are still looking for henna designs to style at their wedding.

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For brides-to-be in Kedah in particular, artist Nani’s henna is so popular and often the choice. Even though he is still new in this field, with his creativity and talent, he managed to collect a large number of followers on Instagram and the average often praises Nani’s handiwork.


She also offers a type of henna that is not only limited to red henna, but also white henna which is very in-trend these days. Not only henna, but manicure services are also provided specifically for brides-to-be who are very ‘ particular’ in the use of henna.

Instant henna paste is also sold, usually for the use of family members or bridesmaids. Patterns with modern and traditional floral motifs that are simple and not excessive are the preferred composition.. Really simple, but quite neat and perfect!


White henna is very trendy these days. Just look at the patterns featured by henna artist. The henna flower pattern is delicate and close, decorated with round beads in the center adding a tie to the bride’s fingers.

In addition, the bride’s nails were also decorated with liquid pink French manicures to showcase the luxurious concept that was tried to be highlighted for the wedding  theme .


Although white henna often gets attention for brides who want something different, the tradition of using red henna is still not forgotten. For this type of henna design, we can see that henna artist Intan Liyana wisely maintains the traditional concept of applying henna on the bride’s fingers.


The unique thing is, the concept is combined with the openwork flower pattern and added with round beads making this henna design successfully bring two traditional and also modern concepts. Also suitable for styled for a modern Malay wedding concept and Bollywood style. The price is also very reasonable which is around $100 for the henna package for feet and hands.

This Dulhan Mehndi Design by henna artist Diyana can be categorized as a round floral red henna pattern concept that seems to look like kolam flowers that are often highlighted by the Indian community during the celebration of Deepavali.


Therefore, this design is unique because it has a combination of Malay and Indian culture which also makes the use of henna as a tradition of their hereditary heritage in various events especially in wedding customs. Interesting isn’t it?

Red Mehndi Design

The chosen bridal mehndi design can also evoke a romantic atmosphere in a wedding.


Although it doesn’t look too prominent with a simple lace floral design on the bride’s hand, the ‘initial’ engraving of the couple’s name on the palm makes this henna design different from the others and will definitely make our couple more moved.

For henna artist Fiqa who operates in this historic city of Melaka, the concept that is tried to be highlighted in this henna design is a patterned floral on the bride’s hand and a little laced floral addition on the bride’s fingers.


This henna design can enhance the traditional elements of the Indian  community, especially in Melaka, which is rich in culture and art. This type of pattern is more suitable to be styled at an engagement party because of its minimal and simple pattern.

The in Lucknow also does not miss out on celebrating the excitement of weddings by applying henna to the bride and groom. Henna artist Adeeba offers henna services that are quite unique and interesting especially for brides-to-be who live in Lucknow.


Dulhan Mehndi Design like those produced by Adeeba look a little heavy with large floral motifs along with leaf circles on the fingers, but are cleverly balanced with the bride’s fingers not ringed. Therefore, the design looks neat but still looks beautiful.

For some brides, the use of henna with different patterns according to the occasion is something that is not foreign anymore nowadays. For them, it is only once in a lifetime to be king for a day.


What’s wrong with spending more to look beautiful? In addition, with attractive packages at reasonable prices provided by henna artists like Deeya, this trend is becoming more and more popular.

For example, the design highlighted by Deeya as in the picture looks loaded with Pakistani-style floral patterns and is very suitable to be styled when the party is away. The relatively bright red henna color makes this henna compatible to be paired with gold bracelet jewelry on the wrist.


To be unique and different from others, this henna artist is an inspiration to every prospective bride. Of course, they want to look different on their wedding day and if possible, want to be a ‘trend-setter’. She also offers this kind of experience for brides-to-be who are still looking for uniqueness in the wedding concept.

Just look at the creativity of this henna artist who combines elements of Dulhan Mehndi Design like a laced ‘white glove’ and matched with bead decorations like pastel colored diamonds .


The combination of full lace and beaded wedding dress fashion, adds even more charm to the bride. This henna design is suitable for weddings with an English and modern concept because it can give the impression of luxurious and elegant elements.

The shape of the heart or love shape cannot be separated in terms of its suitability in the use of wedding ceremonies.


It symbolizes love and affection between the two brides and grooms. Therefore, henna artist Nasha is so creative in designing this heart shape to be combined with floral elements in the bride’s red henna design.

The floral Dulhan Mehndi Design chosen is Pakistani-style and is wrapped around the wrist to add to the bride’s charm.


Usually, the henna designs that are chosen by brides are motifs of floral circles that are drawn on the fingers up to the wrist. However, unlike Nurul’s henna artist, he tried to display the concept of evenly carving different patterns on both hands of the bride.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Design


This Henna is applied on the nails only and partial floral patterns are drawn on the fingers and hands followed by full florals on the wrists. This theme looks neat because of the neat floral arrangement but still stands out as a decoration for the bride.

The use of henna on the bride’s fingers can now be compared to the decoration of gloves or gloves , taking some inspiration from English weddings that prioritize the use of gloves on the wedding day. Apart from white henna which is another alternative for glove jewelry, red Dulhan mehndi design is also able to display the same elements.


If you don’t believe it, this handmade henna by artist Eryda Waheeda can prove it. He not only patterned floral elements that are quite synonymous in the use of henna, but also combined geometrical matches loaded on the bride’s fingers.

This design is finished with a floral pattern on the bride’s wrist to complete the theme that is to be highlighted.

Good news for brides-to-be in Pahang and Kedah who really prefer floral patterns for henna because henna artist Nanie can definitely make your dreams come true.


He offers handmade designs of large flower motifs and paired with a circle of leaves on the bride’s ring finger to further enhance the symbolism of the wedding ring that will be worn.

If you look at the Dulhan Mehndi Design pattern that is processed as a result of the creativity of this henna artist Mas Idayu, with a very simple pattern, we definitely do not feel that it is suitable to be used as the pattern of choice for a wedding ceremony.


What’s more interesting, he didn’t use the same pattern of flowers and leaves on both hands of the bride, instead he carved a different but compatible pattern. This design is also suitable for brides who have a slightly round hand shape because it can highlight the difference in patterns on both hands.

Sheema’s name is already familiar among henna design enthusiasts. Having thousands of followers on Instagram, he is also the choice of local celebrities for their henna nights because of his creative and neat work and using henna paste of a quality comparable to the price or package offered.


Just look at the white henna pattern design produced by him as in the picture, a very careful henna painting and a combination of floral elements and net geometric patterns that are very appropriate. This henna design looks luxurious but not loaded and looks compatible with the bridal dress that also brings to life the floral styling on the design.

For brides-to-be who really want to look vogue and gah during the wedding ceremony, you can choose this Bollywood-style Dulhan Mehndi Design as your choice.


Although it looks loaded with various types of flowers and geometric patterns highlighted by henna artist Fateha, but the design is so careful and neat that it can balance the excessive elements in her work.

In fact, henna is not only used only on the fingers and hands of the bride, but is also painted over the wrist to further enhance the bridal look. For this type of henna design, black henna looks more suitable to use.

For brides-to-be who want to be different not only in terms of henna patterns, but also focus on color.


Henna artist Syazmoralee can give you a different experience and a different way of using henna specifically for you. The henna color is processed to a golden color and combined with net geometric patterns .

What is more interesting, the floral element is not visible in this design because it is replaced by a diamond pattern decorated with green and white beads around it on the bride’s wrist. This henna design is suitable for weddings with a luxury ballroom concept at night to highlight the luxury element.


This henna design highlighted by henna artist Aiena Shukor is quite interesting and synonymous with wedding celebrations because it looks compact with elements of a circle of flowers and small leaves on both hands of the bride.

The flower pattern on the wrist is unique and looks like a bracelet.

He did not match the pattern on the henna design on the bride’s feet but chose a simple filigree flower match to highlight the elegance of the bride. Quite suitable for the traditional Malay-style wedding concept.


Usually, Dulhan Mehndi Design will be used the day before the wedding ceremony. But, the change of time makes the use of henna easier and faster.

For those who like white henna, surely worry if the henna easily fades and gets damaged. But don’t worry, hennabelle offers henna wear that is not only beautiful and attractive but also not easily damaged.


A quality henna paste allows the bride to apply henna 2 hours before getting ready. This henna design pattern featured by hennabelle is more modern and contemporary. In addition, give preference to elements of modern English flowers and geometry. It’s no wonder his followers are close to hundreds of thousands on Instagram.

If you want to talk about the simple concept of choosing a bridal henna design for a wedding ceremony, henna artist Syazlin Mansor has the advantage of displaying designs like this.


Henna is applied simply on the nails only and a small leaf spiral design is drawn on the index finger, then matched with a small flower pattern on the top of the bride’s hand making this design pleasing to the eye and not excessive.

Special Choice for 2024

It is also comparable to the reasonable price offered by Syazlin. Surely the bride will not lose choosing his services to be styled at the wedding later.


Who said henna is limited to the use of two main colors only? Henna artists who are getting more creative these days successfully combine various colors and elements to highlight the beauty of the bride.

For henna artist Zzaty, he dares to combine white henna with purple diamond bead decoration and match it with a neat floral geometric henna design. Brides-to-be out there can try this creative idea!


Still in the design theme of white henna, it looks sweet drawn with the spiral pattern of small leaves without using flower motifs as produced by the henna artist thehenna_girl.

This simple Dulhan Mehndi Design is usually suitable to be chosen for an engagement ceremony and matched with Malay fashion designs such as modern kurung, multi-colored peplum. Just look festive!

While we are chasing the modernity of the times, there are also some brides-to-be out there who still want to maintain traditional features in their wedding ceremony. Henna artist Zarina Nasir tried to implement this design by including a little bit of her own creativity.

In the past, traditionally, only a red circle pattern was worn on both sides of the bride’s palm with the fingers decorated with red henna without a pattern, but now he also does the same design but by replacing the large flower pattern on the bride’s palm. Modern but quite traditional.

Even though less is more , there are still brides-to-be out there who make heavy henna designs an option for their wedding ceremony.

Heavy henna as featured by henna artist Eryda Waheeda is inspired by Indian bridal designs. Usually, this loaded henna is suitable to be matched with a bridal dress with full sequins and heavy lace as a symbol of luxury.

Brides who want a simple dulhan mehndi design usually do not want to look loaded and heavy. For them, just a circle of small flowers and leaves is enough to symbolize that they are the bride.

Za_Henna Art offers attractive packages starting from as low as $3 along with optional patterns for brides-to-be out there. Not only can you save expenses but also be able to look beautiful and attractive on your happy day.

A white Dulhan mehndi design pattern with a lacy abstract motif concept and combined with a small flower motif pattern is often the choice of brides who want to look sweet and simple.

This is further adapted to the wedding theme with a white and modern Malay background because this henna pattern can highlight the bride’s elegance. The popular artist’s henna called Jeaa has its own distinctive ‘signature’ pattern in producing white henna of various patterns and motifs compared to red henna.

For brides-to-be in Terengganu, henna artist Dee Zulkifli is one of the options that can be chosen for your wedding ceremony.

The pattern he highlighted has carving elements inspired by geometric and floral patterns in a circular shape and some small leaves on the bride’s fingers, suitable for matching with multi-colored songket clothing on the wedding day.

For brides-to-be who love creeping leaf patterns without floral motifs to be used as henna carving designs on your happy day, henna artist Siti Adila Salleh can make it happen.

What’s more interesting, this Dulhan Mehndi Design is suitable to be matched with black henna and carved on the bride’s pointed fingers. It must look gentle and polite to anyone who looks at it.

In accordance with the bride’s request, this projecthenna artist’s henna successfully combines elements of gold color and filigree spiral carving on both hands of the bride to match the design of the long lace dress with the concept of ‘modern gold’.

Floral motifs are not used to balance the floral patterns found in fashion designs. To enhance the series of henna carvings, the bride’s nails are also decorated with French mani.

Different from the previous Bridal Mehndi Design pattern carvings, this handmade design from Lini Kamaruzaman has asymmetrical carvings that extend from the tip of the index finger using small leaves to the wrist with a living flower motif.

The color used is a combination of red and black henna adding more concentration to the henna. The special feature of this design is that it does not look heavy on the fingers but the pattern is concentrated on the posterior part of the hand, revealing a floral motif that seems to be alive.


It is hoped that this article can provide inspiration and make it easier for the bride and groom to prepare for Dulhan Mehndi Design. The use of henna is not only a sunnah and has good health benefits but also as a symbol and a blessing to the bride and groom.

A few tips in the selection of henna, three main things must be emphasized, first the budget must be carefully planned. Second, neat and beautiful henna designs. Lastly, book an artist henna in advance for advance preparation. Happy newlyweds to those who will start a family.