Henna for Hair Benefits and Side effects

Henna for Hair

White hair has become a nightmare for many people, as hair graying affects the elderly and young people as well. Due to a number of reasons, the most important of which is genetics. To crub this issue you should use Henna for Hair.

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Therefore, people resort to using henna to color their hair and get rid of white hair. We will learn about all the details about henna together in our article mqall.org.

Henna for hair

  • Henna is used to get rid of white hair, and there are several colors, including black and brown shades, and red shades, you can choose from these colors.
  • It is the ideal solution to remove the white color from hair and an alternative to using hair dye that contains chemicals that are harmful to hair health.
  • In addition to the beautiful and distinctive color of henna in all shades of these colors, it contains a group of health benefits for the scalp and hair as well.
  • It increases hair density, protects it from loss, works to get rid of dandruff, and protects the scalp from infections, bacteria, and fungi that can affect it.

How long does henna brew for hair?

  • Before you start using henna for hair and putting it on it, you must go through the fermentation process, the goal of which is to get the best results in the appropriate hair color.
  • This fermentation process is done by putting the henna in a suitable sized bowl, kneading it in water until it becomes a dough, and leaving it for a quarter of an hour before using it.
  • Despite the importance of fermentation for henna, we find certain types of henna that do not require a fermentation process or a suitable time for them, and are quick to prepare and apply to the hair.
  • Hence, we conclude that it is necessary to read the packaging of this henna from the outside before starting to use it, so that we know all the details about it and its application on the hair.

How to apply henna to hair

  • We put half a cup of henna with a quarter cup of water and knead them together until we get a suitable mixture and cover it with a plastic cover for 12 hours.
  • During this period, the ingredients are mixed together, and we can add water until we obtain the desired mixture.
  • After the above-mentioned time has passed, we wash the hair with warm water and the shampoo suitable for the hair type.
  • We put some drops of coconut oil on the ends of the hair and do not let it come into contact with the scalp, provided that we divide the hair into several sections while it is wet.
  • We distribute the henna using a brush designated for it over the sectioned hair as a whole, so that it absorbs and penetrates the entire hair. We cover the hair with a plastic bag and leave it on the hair for two hours, then wash it with water.

Benefits of henna on hair

Here are some benefits of using Henna for Hair color:-

  • Improving the health of the scalp, as it contains antifungal and antibacterial properties, thus playing a major role in getting rid of dandruff on the scalp.
  • Getting rid of itching and inflammation that cause itching of the scalp, while increasing the moisturization of all hair, getting rid of the fats and oils present on it, and getting rid of hair split ends.
  • It contains antioxidants, which in turn work to get rid of hair damage and breakage, and also get rid of premature graying and hair loss due to the free radicals that are present in it.
  • Increasing the shine of hair and protecting it from loss, as it has been observed that many women who use this henna have found that their hair has become shinier and more moisturized than other women.

Harmful effects of henna on hair

  • Henna is natural compared to dyes, as it contains natural materials, unlike dyes, which contain chemicals that are harmful to the scalp.
  • There are certain types of people who suffer from an allergy when using henna, which results in a group of side effects such as itching and pain in the scalp.
  • The situation may worsen and lead to the appearance of scars on the scalp, and therefore we recommend that you read the ingredients written on the henna packaging before using it to determine whether it is suitable or not.

How long does henna apply to hair for children?

  • Before we apply henna to the child, the hair must be washed with warm water and the appropriate shampoo, and we must apply the henna mixed with water as appropriate to the child’s hair.
  • We leave it on the child’s hair for only two hours, not longer, as adults do when they use henna. We should not leave it on the child’s hair all night long so as not to negatively affect his hair and make it more dry.
  • After two hours of applying henna to the hair, we wash the child’s hair with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner, applying it to the ends. It is preferable to use a moisturizing cream so that it is easier for us to style it.


At the conclusion of our conversation about how long does henna brew for hair, we learned together about a set of details about henna for hair and its use. We hope that you have benefited from it greatly and clearly. May you be well.

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