24 Latest and Popular Long Hairstyles for Girls 2024

Long Hairstyles for Girls

Long Hairstyles for Girls is still the favorite style of Asian women? Although short hair is no less cool, long hair is considered to have its own charm.

In addition to displaying the effect of grace and elegance, long hair can also be styled in any style.

Long Hairstyles for Girls 2024

Let’s see the inspiration for long hairstyles that Lushwa has collected for you!

1. Middle Part Long Hairstyle for Women

Hairstyles for Girls Black

Want a classic? A center parting can take you back to the 80s hairstyle. Having this long hair is definitely not an easy thing. Keep your hair healthy, always maintained.

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If you want long straight hair, you can try smoothing treatment. The result is more limp and naturally straight hair.

2. Side Parting

Side Hairstyle

Long hairstyles can also play with hair cleavages like this. You can also use a round brush and hair dryer or paint tool to create volume in the front of the hair.

3. Sleek Glam Long Women’s Hair Style

braid hairstyle brown hair

straight & Long Hairstyles for Girls is one of the head-turning hairstyles that can make you the center of attention.

Long black hair like this will definitely make you look cool and glamorous instantly.

4. Slicked Back Hairstyle 

New Braid

The number of wedding invitations sometimes makes us run out of ideas on what to style our hair.

Especially if we don’t have much time to get dressed. You can easily style a long slicked back hairstyle into a simple party hairstyle.

5. Glass Hair Liquid Hair

Indian Girl Hairstyle

A bit similar to sleek glam, but this hairstyle looks smoother, sleeker, and shiny like glass. This flowing straight hair was popular last year and now its prestige is increasing again.

Because the result is more ‘limp’ than glass hair, there’s a new term for this trend, liquid hair!

6. Long Wavy Hair

Hairstyle for Girls with Long Hair

Add a thin layer to the ends of your signature long wavy hair.

This simple trick will go a long way on wavy hairstyles to make them look more dimensional and textured. Check out practical curling tips for every day!

7. Half Curly

Hairstyle for Girls Black Braid

I have included thisLong Hairstyles for Girls. If you have thick and healthy long hair, you can try to style long soft curly or semi-curly women’s hair like this.

8. Long Scrunched Style Hair

Bridal Hairstyle

If you are tired of the same long hair, you can try to dress in a veiled style.

9. Jelly Perm

Cute Hairstyle

You can also have perms or permanent curls as an option. Unlike waves created with a curling iron, waves on a perm are usually looser.

One variation of the curly perm that is trending is the jelly perm. This style is also often referred to as a hippie perm, because of the messy looking curls.

10. Long Bob (Lob)

Flower Hairstyle

Asian woman with shoulder length long Long Hairstyles for Girls. That says bob styles are only cool on short hair? Do not rush to cut your hair, long straight bob hairstyles can be your next style choice.

11. Shaggy

Latest Bun Style

There’s no need to struggle with thick hair, try cutting your hair in the same shaggy style with long layers to make it look less ‘heavy’. This hairstyle is also great for those with round faces.

12. Layer

New Girls Hairstyle

Whether long or short, straight or curly, many women still love this cut technique.

In addition to being able to provide texture, the right layer cut can give a thick or thin effect to the Long Hairstyles for Girls.

13. Wolf Cut

Western Braid

After fur and layers, there’s a newcomer called Wolf Cut! As the name suggests, this shaggy cut on the hair gives the impression of wolf fur.

14. Long and Straight Hair with Bangs

Pakistani Girls Hairstyle

Even if you don’t have a specific model or cut, you can add bangs. Your appearance will look different!

Women’s Hairstyles with Long Front Bangs

Dulhan Hairstyle

Straight & Long Hairstyles for Girls without layers coupled with bangs will give you a timeless classic style.

Blunt Bangs

Latest Braid

Add a very short front bang to give an edgy touch to your appearance.

See-through bangs

Curly Bun

Are you tired of the same long hairstyle? You can overcome it by playing with bangs. This Korean style see-through bangs can make your look look sweeter, you know.

Side bangs

Side bangs hairstyle makes you look more elegant and mature.

Styling Ideas for Long Hair

Experimenting with long hairstyles is very interesting, you know. You can style your long hair in any style you like.

Check out the inspiration for Long Hairstyles for Girls chosen by Lushwa below!

1. Long Hair in Top Knot Style

Simple Hairstyle

Living in tropical countries we often feel hot if we always have to hang our hair. One of the easiest options to overcome it is to tie long hair into a bun or top knot.

2. Half Top Knot

Girls Hairstyle 2024

The second option of this hairstyle is the top knot style. For variety, combine with hanging curls in flowing hair.

Check out the hanging curls tutorial we’ve done before.

3. Long Hair with Braided Bangs

Ponytail Hairstyles

Looking for long but unusual braided hair? Maybe you can use these braided bangs hairstyles as inspiration.

For a shoulder-length hairstyle, hide the ends of the braid under flowing hair to make it look cute. This will be a best Long Hairstyles for Girls. 

4. Ponytail High Sleek

Side Braid Style

This sleek ponytail makes you look mature and elegant, so it’s perfect as a party hairdo.

To create this hairstyle, all you need is hairspray, a hair tie, and a curling iron.

5. Bubble Ponytail

Not good at sharpening? No problem! You can try this half tie style. A bubble pony tail is created by twisting 2 ponies!

6. Top Knots  Korea

These Long Hairstyles for Girls are quite simple and easy to create, but can instantly make your look stylish. To make it sweeter, you can choose a hair band with a unique and cute shape. Happy creating!