Arabic Mehndi Design Simple 2024

Mehndi Design Simple 2024

Women use Mehndi as decoration, whether on their hair or on their hands. Therefore, in this post you will see beautiful Arabic Mehndi Design simple 2024 for back and front hand.

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Henna is one of the plants that needs a high temperature, so it is grown in tropical regions. The henna plant grows in abundance in Africa due to the availability of the hot environment that this plant needs in order to grow, and the henna plant has many uses.

beautiful mehndi design

Mehndi Plant

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The Mehhdi plant is one of the plants that has long roots, flowers, and leaves as well. The henna plant needs extreme temperature in order to grow, so it is grown in India and African countries where the temperature is high.

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The Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, recommended us to use henna because of its many benefits. Women use Mehndi Design Simple for decoration, as some women use it for drawing and decorating the head and body. And some women use it for hair dye, and it is very healthy for the hair.

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Mehndi is also used to treat many diseases, as our Noble Messenger, may the best prayers and peace be upon him, told us. Henna cures headaches and headaches, just as henna cures foot pain.

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The henna plant grows in abundance in the countries of India, Sudan and China, and they are considered among the most important countries in the production of henna. In the countries of East Asia, they invent many ways to use henna to mehndi design simple because of its benefits to the body, skin and hair.

Arabic Simple Mehndi Design

The Mediterranean countries also began to cultivate the mehndi plant and provide the appropriate atmosphere for it to grow. Henna has been widespread since ancient times and is known by many people and spread in many countries. Henna is also used to treat hair loss.

Types of Mehndi Designs

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Many women, especially brides, love to Arabic Mehndi design simple. There are specialists in this field for decorating with henna, and they are creative in drawing henna. There are also many engravings and many types, and all types are very beautiful. In this article, I will talk about the types of Mehndi designs in detail and how to draw henna.

Indian Mehndi Design Simple

Flower Mehndi Design

Mehndi has been present in India since ancient times. Therefore India is considered one of the most famous and distinguished countries in the production of henna designs. It was used in ancient India for engraving on the hands and feet, and after they discovered that it lasts on the hands for a long time, women used it for decoration.

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With time, the use of Mehndi design simple became popular among them, and henna decoration was developed and became one of the most important methods of decoration for women, and Indian drawing became one of the most beautiful and beloved decorations in the Arab countries and the Gulf countries.

The most important feature of Indian Henna Design

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Indian mehndi designs are characterized by beauty and appears like printing, elegance and beauty on the bride’s hand. Indian engraving is also distinguished by the fact that it is done in sequential steps and appears very beautiful on the bride’s hand. One of the most important types of Indian Henna Design is the floral design, which consists of three flowers with small leaves.

Arabic Mehndi Design Simple

Mehndi Design for Front Hand

Sudan is considered one of the largest countries producing henna. Arabic Mehndi Design simple styles are distinguished by its beautiful, shiny black color. Arabic henna is also distinguished by the presence of spaces in it and it is wide, and the bride loves it because it is wide and appears beautiful on the hand and is drawn on the soles of the hands and feet.

Gulf Henna Design

Easy Mehndi Design

Gulf brides are distinguished by their love of drawing and decoration with mehndi. That is why Gulf brides are considered among the most beautiful brides in the Arab world.

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There are two types of brides when it comes to mehndi design simple, some of whom prefer thin, simple designs on the hands and fingers. Whereas, some of them prefer wide drawings that appear noticeably on the hands.

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Arab women are creative in Arabic Mehndi Design, depending on the different eras and changing times. The entire Arab world prefers Gulf Henna Design and loves Gulf brides.

Mehndi Design for Kids

Many women paint mehndi on holidays, and children imitate their mothers in everything.

Mehndi Design for Kids

Especially girls like to imitate their mother in everything, and there is no objection to drawing mehndi design for kids. But without using synthetic materials and using natural materials.

Mehndi Design for Kids

When drawing mehndi design simple for kids. Children who suffer from Mediterranean anemia must be prohibited because it causes harm to children who suffer from this disease.

How to prepare Mehndi

The mehndi plant is obtained by collecting its leaves from the henna tree, grinding it and sieving it.

However, it has a rough texture and is kneaded in two ways, the first by mixing it with water.

The second is by mixing it with a mixture of lemon, tea and other materials to stabilize the color for mehndi design simple.

Some people want to keep the henna paste adhering to the skin better, so they mix sugar or molasses with it.

A basic condition before using henna is to leave it to rest for between an hour and fifty minutes.

This is until the dye comes out of the henna leaves, and this depends on the type of henna used.

Tools that should be used during Mehndi Design

Every place has its own tools that it uses for drawing and decorating with henna.

Some people can use traditional tools and others can use innovative tools.

In the Western countries, the most famous tool for drawing henna is the syringe.

In India, they use Mehndi cone. In some other countries there is a tool for drawing with henna.

Natural henna paste

There are several types of henna paste, and the best of these types are the types that can be stored for a long time and their color remains for a long time. These types include the following:

  • Henna pasted with water or lemon and tea. This type does not last for a long time and cannot be stored for a long time. But after a short time we notice that the color is dull and its quality does not last, and many people do not prefer this type. This is because its normal validity does not exceed a week.
  • If we want to keep the dough for a longer period, we mix a micropowder so that it does not release the molecule responsible for pigmentation. Then we put the dough in the freezer for up to four months and it gives the same efficiency and is not affected and becomes usable after taking it out of the freezer and removing the ice. Thus it will be best for mehndi design simple
  • We must add a mixture of sugar and lemon to the mehndi paste in order to increase the consistency of the paste. This is because the longer we leave the henna paste on the drawing, the darker and more beautiful the color becomes. Therefore, we mix a mixture of sugar and lemon for it to increase its consistency so that it does not fall off the drawing.
  • When you apply henna and remove it quickly it becomes orange in color. But over time, it is oxidized by various factors and turns into a reddish-brown color.

Properties of Henna

Henna has medicinal properties, as the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, told us, including:

  • Henna is used to treat the limbs, as it soothes the pain and burning of the hands and feet, as it works to calm the nerve endings.
  • Henna is also used to treat skin diseases such as eczema, and it also works to soothe burns.
  • Henna also treats headaches and headaches by mixing henna with vinegar and applying this mixture directly to the head.
  • Mehndi also has a very beautiful and distinctive aromatic oil that is used in the manufacture of perfumes, knowing that this aromatic oil has not spread in Western countries.


At the end of this article, I hope that I have provided you with everything that is on your mind about mehndi design simple and its types, and I hope that you have benefited from this article.