Namaz (Namaj) Ka Tarika Step by Step

Namaz Ka Tarika
Namaz Ka Tarika

Here is Namaz Ka Tarika Step by step. This will give you complete procedure of Fard Nimaz. Learn now and start praying.

Takbeer Tehreema
Takbeer Tehreema
Qayam in Namaz
Qayam in Namaz
Taaooz & Tasmia
Taaooz & Tasmia
Recite Surah Ikhlas in Namaz
Recite Surah Ikhlas in Namaz
Ruku in Namaz
Ruku in Namaz
Iktadal in Namaz
Iktadal in Namaz
Sajdah in Namaz
Sajdah in Namaz
Sitting between Sajda
Sitting between Sajda
Prostration in Namaz
Prostration in Namaz
Durood Ibraheem
Durood Ibraheem
Dua for Namaz
Dua for Namaz
Salam in Namaz
Salam in Namaz

Namaz Ka Tarika in Detail

besides with above images we have discussed complete Namaz Ka Tarika in following easy steps.

1.Facing the Qibla

This state of standing is called Qiyam in Arabic.

Stand straight and face the direction of the Qibla (Toward the Temple). The eyes looked towards the place of Sajda.

People who want to pray must know the direction of the Qibla with confidence before praying.

In today’s age, various apps can be used to determine the Qibla direction. Among them is Qibla Finder.

2.Intention For Prayer

Say the intention in your heart with the prayer intention you want to do.

For example: Only I pray Fard Zohor 4 Rakaat because of Allah Taala

Feel in our hearts that we are facing Allah SWT.

3.Lift Takbir

Raise both hands at ear level.

Then say “Allahuakbar!”

It means “God is Great” This act in prayer is called Takbiratul Ihram

For Men:  Hands are raised until the wrist is parallel to the shoulder and the tip of the thumb reaches the level below the ear. Elbows and hands should be stretched away from the body.

For women:  Hands are raised to shoulder level and fingertips reach below the ears. Elbows and hands must be close to the body 

3.Place your hands on your stomach

After raising the takbir, hands are placed on the stomach.

Place the right hand on top of the left hand and face towards the place of Sajda.

Then recite the Sana (Subhanaka Allah):

4.Read Al Fatihah And Then Other Surahs

After reading the Sana, read Surah al-Fatihah.

Surah al-Fatihah is a pillar in prayer.

This means, if al-Fatihah must be recited. If it is not recited, our prayers will not be valid.

Finish al-Fatihah, then read another surah.

Among the easy surahs is surah al-Ikhlas.


The next step is to Ruku.

While bowing, say Takbir (Allahuakbar) and place both hands on your knees.

While bowing: The back of the body should be flat, the gaze should be directed to the place of prostration and the hands should be placed on the head of the knees in a comfortable state.

The recitation of the Ruku while bowing is:

Subhana Rabi Yal Azeem 

It means: Glory be to my Almighty God with all His praiseworthy attributes

6.Standing From Ruku (Iktidal)

After finishing Ruku, next step for Namaz Ka Tarika is we will stand up straight (iktidal).

The recitation is as follows:

 Sami Allahu liman hamidah. Rabbana lakal hamdh 

It means: God hears the words of those who praise Him. Our Lord, to You all praise.

7.First Prostration (Sajda)

After iktidal, next we will prostrate.

The way of prostration is:

Say Takbir (Allahuakhbar) and lower your body with your forehead, nose, both palms and big toes touching the floor.

Open your arms from your sides and floor.

The reading during prostration is:

Subhana Rabbiyal A’la 

It means: Glory be to my Lord the Most High with all his praises.

This recitation is repeated three (3) times.

8.Sitting Between Two Prostrate

After that, get up (sitting) from prostration while saying “Allahuakbar” (without raising your hands).

sitting  beteween prostrations

This phase is called “sitting between two prostrations”

9.Second Prostration

After reading the tasbih, then prostrate once more (second Sajda)

Saying Takbir (Allahuakbar) and prostrating again.

The position and recitation of the tasbih is the same as the first prostration.

With this, the first part of the Namaj Ka Tarika is finished.

10.Now stand up for the Second Rakaat

The movements in the second rak’at are the same as the first rak’at. Except that after the second prostration you do not need to stand up but sit in the tashahhud position (initial Tahiyat).

11.Tahiyat prayer

The way to sit tashhud is as follows:

Sit on the left leg with the big toe of the right foot raised.

The palm of the right hand is held but the right index finger is straightened.

The initial Tahiyat reading i.e Atahiyat o Lillahe

For three rakat prayers (Maghrib) and four rakat prayers (Zohor, Asr and Isha), you need to stand up again after finishing the initial tahiyat, to continue with the next rakat.

For two rak’ah prayers, continue to sit tashahhud and read the Darood Ibraheem and final Dua.

12.Say Salam

After reading the final tahiyat, turn your face to the right and say: “Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

secondly repeat the greeting by turning your face to the left with the same sentence.

So the Two-Rakaat Prayer Has Been Completed in this Namaz Ka Tarika guide.

For three or four rakat prayers. The procedure of all prayer movements is repeated in the next rakat, except that in the third and fourth rakats no surah is read after al-Fatihah.

All other movements and readings are the same.

All prayers must end with the final tahiyat and salam.


Here was the complete process of Namaz Ka Tarika step by step. Hope you got good knowledge from it. Please keep remember us in your prayers.

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