9 Uses of Transparent Mascara for Eyes that are Trending

transparent mascara

Transparent mascara has become one of the trending products when it comes to makeup. It is versatile, it helps to discreetly intensify the look and its natural finish is ideal for almost any look. The best of all? Its colorless characteristic makes it suitable for many other applications.

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From styling and highlighting eyebrows to making baby hairs, there are many other reasons why this cosmetic should not be missing from your kit . Below, we give you nine uses with which you can take advantage of it. Put them to the test!

1. Primer for Eyelashes

One of the most notable uses of transparent mascara is as a primer or primer for your eyelashes. Due to its thick texture, it allows adding volume to the eyelashes before adding the effect of the colored eyelash. Just apply a thin layer, let it dry and proceed to the next product.

2. Eyelashes with a Look

It is a good alternative if your natural eyelashes look droopy . It doesn’t add color, but it does curl and give volume. You can complement it with soft shadows and a lipstick in nude tones .

3. Curl the lower lashes

When using mascaras in dark shades, the so-called “panda effect” usually occurs, which is nothing more than uncomfortable dark circles caused by makeup. If it happens frequently, you can try curling only the lower eyelashes with a colorless mascara.

4. Comb false Eyelashes

Often, false eyelashes bring the volume, extension and curl that is usually sought after through makeup. It is not necessary to apply an additional product to them. Even so, movement, contact with some substances or rubbing can ruffle your hair. To regain their shape, give them a coat of clear mascara.

5. Fixative for Eyeliner

A trick that you probably haven’t tried yet is to use this colorless mascara as a fixative for your eyeliner. The product seals the dark cosmetic so that it lasts longer on the face. You just have to take a small amount of the gel with a clean brush and apply it after the eyeliner.

6. Comb your eyebrows

There are soaps and gels on the market designed to give shape and volume to eyebrows. However, this can be replaced with a transparent mascara. Its brush is ideal for achieving that laminated effect that you like. In addition, the gel fixes the hairs and prevents them from becoming untidy.

7. Prepare treatments

One of the trending uses of transparent mascara is as a base for home treatments. A little vitamin E oil is usually added to its formula to promote the growth and strengthening of eyelashes. It is applied every night before going to sleep with the help of the brush.

8. Prepare a Colored Mascara

Although transparent mascara is usually associated with natural looks , the truth is that it also helps achieve more vibrant and colorful styles. As? Simple! Mix the transparent gel with some of the colored pigments you use for the eyes. Then, apply it with the brush as you always do.

When finished, wash the brush well so you can repeat the action with a different color another time. Wearing colored eyelashes is in fashion!

9. Baby Hairs

Baby hairs are those hairs that are shorter than the rest of the hair. They are usually noticeable around the forehead. And although for many they are annoying, they have become a fashion trend when creating hairstyles.

In this sense, transparent mascara can be very helpful. You can apply it on these hairs to control them, or you can use it as a gel to give them different shapes very much in the style of Rihanna or FKA Twigs.

How to care for your transparent mascara so that it lasts longer?

Surely, now that you know all the ways to use transparent mascara, you will want to have one or more in your makeup bag. Therefore, it is important that you know how you should handle and store it so that it does not spoil prematurely. Put the following tips into practice:

  • Avoid pumping the brush: when you put the brush in and out of the container too many times in a row, you allow air to enter. The consequence? It can dry more quickly. Therefore, when removing the mascara, twist it gently. Once applied, close it as soon as possible.
  • Avoid removing excess from the neck of the container: there is no need to wring out the brush before applying the product. This is a bad habit that can damage the mask.
  • Clean the brush well: if you combine transparent mascara with any pigment, clean it well before introducing it into the gel. If you leave residue, it will accumulate inside, which affects both the colorless characteristic and the quality of the product.
  • Close the container tightly: leaving the mascara cap a little uncovered decreases its durability. Make sure it is tightly closed after each use.
  • Avoid sharing it: like any other makeup product, especially for the eyes, clear mascara should be for personal use. If you share it with someone you can expose yourself to possible infections.

What you should remember before buying transparent mascara

If you have already decided on this product, you should know that you will find many presentations on the market. Which one should you choose? The truth is that this depends on the budget you have, as well as the jobs you want to give it.

If you want it for use on eyelashes and eyebrows, we recommend choosing those that contain ingredients such as aloe vera, glycerin, silk powder and vitamin E. In addition to adding volume, they are hydrating and nourishing.

But if you want to use them to set hairs, control baby hairs or style false eyelashes, conditioning formulas work well.