Baju Ke Design

Baju Ke Design

Wedding season is going on. With changing years, trends and styles also change. In such a situation, you will also want to dress up according to the trend. If you are going to attend a wedding then you will try to prepare on the wedding day as per the trend. The wedding day and the days following hold great significance for a new bride. At this time every little thing is given attention. Especially regarding her attire. In such a situation, we have brought for you some trendy collections of Baju Ke Design, which are going to be very useful to you after the marriage party.

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Suit Ke Baju Ke Design

Suit Ke Baju Ke Design

Here are some popular Beju Ke Design for Kurti:-

1. Transparent Sleeves

Sleeve Design for Suit

You must have seen most of the TV serial daughters-in-law wearing blouses with transparent sleeves. If you also want to show your skin in an elegant way, then you can carry a kurti with transparent sleeves with your lehenga and saree.

2. Bell Sleeves

Suit ki Baju Ke Design

You also like to see something new in your looks every time and if you like to do new experiments then try this style of Baju Ke Design in Kurti. This trend is quite different which brides can try this season. This will not only give you a different but stylish look and will also be very comfortable.

3. Cold shoulder

Suit Ke Sleeve Design

Talking about new trends, these days the trend of cold shoulder is in full swing. Actually, this type of sleeve design is from around the 90’s which is now in trend again. These are also called pick-a-bow shoulders. It has a slight cut on the shoulder. These sleeves are enough to give you a western look in Indian dresses.

4. Lace Sleeves

Modern Sleeve Design for Kurti

Many girls also like blouses with lace sleeves. The flattering lace sleeves will give a glamorous look to the brides. You can show your skin without any fear in a blouse with such sleeves and it will also look trendy for the wedding.

5. Top Style

Latest Kurti Sleeve Design

These days, there is a lot of craze in wearing top style blouse with saree. If you too are making a top style blouse, then you can take inspiration from this top style Baju Ke Design. Kangana has worn this blouse design with saree. But you can also wear it with ethnic skirts.

6. Puffed and Frill Sleeves

Bell Sleeves

Hardly anything needs to be said about the frill. The craze for frills on girls is so much that now you can see frills in almost every type of dress. Then how can we leave the sleeves in such a situation? You should wear this frilled blouse with saree only. Leave the design only on the sleeves, if you get any design done on the neck also then it will look too much.

7. Net Sleeves

Stylish Kurti Sleeve Design

Girls have been liking the net for a long time. Even today girls are crazy about net sleeve design. This type of double layer sleeves look very beautiful in blouses. You can get the net dyed to match your blouse. This will really give you a stylish look.

8. Front V

Full Sleeve Suit Design

This type of blouse of Kangana looks good on both lehenga and skirt. V neck makes your sleeves look different. If you do not want to wear a blouse deeper than the front, then you can ask your tailor to get it made as per your comfort.

9. Full Sleeves

Modern Suit Design

These days, full sleeve kurtis are once again in fashion. When you make full sleeves, you can make them with a separate cloth. These also look quite simple and nice. For this you have to pay special attention to your fitting.

10. One Shoulder Sleeves

Nowadays, one shoulder sleeve blouses are quite in trend. You can carry this type of blouse with any designer saree. Just look at this blouse, it is made from very simple fabric. You can wear it with a lehenga at your sangeet function also.

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2. Blouse Ke Baju Ke Design

Blouse Ke Baju Ke Design

When it comes to designing stylish and fashionable blouses, blouse sleeves play an important role in enhancing your overall look. If you want to give a new and stylish look to the blouse, then you can choose these stylish sleeve designs and enhance your personal style. Here are some stylish sleeve designs that you can consider:

1. Bell Sleeves

Fancy Blouse Sleeve Design

This type of Baju Ke Design have gained immense popularity in recent years and are a perfect choice for a trendy and attractive blouse. The specialty of these sleeves is their raised shape, which resembles the shape of a bell. These can be long or short. It may start at the flare or in the middle of the arm. Bell sleeves give your blouse a bohemian and retro vibe, adding drama and a feminine touch. You can opt for lacework, embroidery or tassel detailing to make these sleeves even more attractive.

2. Puff sleeves

Simple Blouse Sleeve Design

Puff sleeves are back in fashion and can instantly elevate the style of your blouse. These Beju Ke Design is known for their voluminous appearance, where the fabric gathers near the shoulder and then tapers towards the wrist. Puff sleeves give a romantic and vintage-inspired look to your blouse, making it look elegant and sophisticated. You can choose from a variety of puff sleeves, such as bishop sleeves, leg-of-mutton sleeves, or gigot sleeves, depending on your personal preference. Pair these with delicate lacework or ruffles for an eye-catching effect.

3. Cold Shoulder Sleeves

New Blouse Sleeves

Cold-shoulder sleeves are a trendy and contemporary option for fashionable blouses. These sleeves have cut-outs or openings around the shoulders, which reveal a glimpse of skin in a stylish and attractive way. Cold-shoulder sleeves strike the perfect balance between modesty and sensuality, adding a modern and attractive touch to your blouse. Combines. You can experiment with different shapes and sizes of cut-outs, such as oval, square or unique designs, to create a unique and attractive look.

4. Lantern Sleeves

Lantern sleeves are a statement in themselves that fit wide at the wrist. These baju Ke design add a touch of drama and sophistication to your blouse, making it look fashion-forward and elegant. Lantern sleeves can be full length or three-quarter length, and they give your arms a voluminous and structured look. You can use pleats, gathers or embroidery to enhance the visual appeal of these sleeves.

5. Ruffle Sleeves

Latest Blouse Sleeves

Ruffle sleeve design is perfect for creating a playful, feminine and romantic vibe. These sleeves have multiple layers or levels of ruffles, which add a touch of texture and movement to your blouse. Ruffle sleeves can be short or long, and you can experiment with different sizes and placement of the ruffle. They’re ideal for creating a flirty and stylish look, and you can choose ruffles in contrasting colors or patterns for a bold and statement-making effect.


Remember, the choice of Baju Ke Design should suit your body type, personal style and occasion. When choosing a sleeve design, consider the fabric, neckline and overall design of your blouse. With the right sleeve design, you can create a fashionable and impressive blouse that reflects your unique style and personality.

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