Back Hand Mehndi Design 2023 New Style Simple

Back Hand Mehndi Design

Back hand Mehndi design are loved especially for someone attending wedding etc. Here are Mehndi Design 2023 new style simple collection.

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The Mehndi Designs are no stranger for anyone. Mehandi is one of the oldest plant names used as cosmetics. Henna is preferred because it is safe to use and rarely causes side effects for those who use it.

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Mehndi is a dye that is generally used to decorate a woman’s body, especially her feet and hands. In India, the mehndi plant (Lawsonia genus) is known as the henna nail plant. Mehndi designs have been known since 5000 years ago and are still sustainable until modern times like now. The following will review several types of mehandi motifs.


The following is a complete explanation of mehendi design. Starting from back hand Mehndi design, foot henna motifs, simple mehndi design, hand henna drawings, foot mehndi drawings, easy henna drawings, etc.


Red Mehndi Design

The red mehndi pattern is the henna motif that is widely used because this red color has existed since ancient times and has become an inspiration for today’s generation to beautify their hands and feet with red henna motifs. Here is an example of a back hand Mehndi design.

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Red Mehndi Design

The picture above shows a woman with palms full of very beautiful red henna design. Mehandi, which is generally made from natural henna, has a deep orange to reddish color. This color will be more intense if the henna leaves are rubbed longer on your skin.

Back Hand Mehndi Design Yellow

Yellow mehndi motifs are often liked by women because of their unique color and are one of the rare henna colors. This mehendi color can also be used at various moments such as graduations, engagements, to weddings to beautify hands and feet on a special day.

Yellow Mehndi Design

The picture above is an example of a yellow henna motif that is simple but still looks charming. The original color produced by natural henna is actually reddish-brown. The mehndi color, which tends to be yellow, can be due to a combination of natural henna with other ingredients that don’t take long to apply to the hands, resulting in bright colors.

Black Mehndi Pattern

Henna design in black color are no less in demand by women because the colors are very elegant and eye-catchy when used on special occasions. Black henna can be made from natural ingredients. To avoid irritation or side effects on the skin, you should use black henna art with natural herbal composition.

The picture above is an example of elegant back hand Mehndi design. Natural black henna can be recognized by several characteristics, including the natural form of henna tends to be powdery. So it requires compounding to produce a paste. Natural henna aroma is also a plant or herbal aroma or you can also do a skin test first.

Types of Mehndi Designs

In the following section we have covered types of Mehndi Designs in detail:-

Front Hand Mehndi Design

Mehndi art is an art that has existed for a long time. Including henna that is applied to the palms with various designs and illustrations. Technological sophistication presents various kinds of henna palm motif images that suit your personality. You can save and try to apply on your hands


The picture above is an example of front Hand Mehndi design. Palm henna is a type of henna art that is often used. With mehni that is brown in color and a design that is quite complicated but elegant, the henna palm above looks dazzling. This example can be one of your references.

Leaf Stem Henna Motif

Mehndi petiole is a type of henna that can be an option because of its unique shape in the form of a petiole. Henna petiole is considered as a form of one’s simplicity. Henna petioles can be your choice if you want a simple type of back hand Mehndi design.


The picture above is an example of a petiole mehndi motif using white henna. White henna is the art of painting on the skin using special body painting materials. White mehndi design combined with leaf stalk motifs makes the skin of your palms look very beautiful and charming, perfect for special days.

Difficult Henna Pattern

The difficult henna pattern is one of the motifs that women look for especially for special occasions such as weddings. A sacred and once-in-a-lifetime wedding is the perfect moment to make up for the bride, including decorating her hands using a difficult back hand Mehndi design to make it look luxurious and eye-catching.


The image above is an example of a difficult mehndi motif. The difficult henna above is very detailed in its depiction from the fingertips to the base of the palm and a little forearm using black henna which looks attractive. The design above is suitable for big celebrations so you will become the main object.

Back Hand Mehndi Design Simple

Simple back hand Mehndi design are types of henna motifs that are not too complicated to make. Easy motifs besides being easy to apply to various parts of the body such as hands, feet, to arms, this motif also attracts attention because of the ease in seeing and representing the images you see. So it is suitable for use in various events.


The picture above is an example of a simple mehndi design. The henna pattern above is only depicted on the index finger with black henna color but still looks attractive. Other types of simple henna that you can consider include hand henna with ornate brand motifs, designs that are applied from the fingertips to the wrists in a zig zag pattern.


Hand henna with decorative finger motifs, this henna is limited to the fingers and the top of the hand but can still attract attention because of the vine-like pattern that absorbs the fingers in a circle. Very beautiful and charming even though it is a fairly simple design in its manufacture.

Simple Henna Pattern

Easy and simple henna patterns are no less in demand because the patterns are simple and seem not complicated. Simple pattern henna motifs can be an option in various events from birthdays, graduations, engagements, even weddings if the bride wants a simple pattern. Patterns that are considered unique and interesting are one of the selected henna motifs.


The picture above is an example of a simple henna pattern using white henna. The motif which is only depicted in the middle of the index finger to the little finger and the wrist which is quite simple is very attractive to the eye. Especially with the addition of a heart shape in the middle, adding to the exotic impression of your palm.


Henna hand with a minimalist floral motif, this pattern is classified as a simple henna design with a funky pattern as the first impression. The pattern that only applies branches and thin lines on one side of the hand, namely the index finger and extends to the wrist, looks stunning. The flower decoration in the center of the motif makes the minimalist floral pattern very beautiful

Dulhan Mehndi Design

Indian culture is now accustomed to mehndi ornaments. Included in the wedding performance. Cultures originating from India and the Middle East have now developed in Indonesia as decoration for the hands and feet of the bride at weddings to beautify herself on the most awaited day because this moment is once in a lifetime.

Kids Mehndi Design

The example above is a picture of a Dulhan Mehndi design for a wedding using red henna. That is very compatible with a white wedding dress. The bride will be the center of attention because of the beauty of the henna and the dress she is wearing. Not only that, wedding henna also has a meaning that needs to be known.


Besides being beautiful, heanna with floral designs is also interpreted to bring fertility and happiness after marriage. Mehandi Ke Design with pictures of vines are also often interpreted as a wish for a long marriage. Several other images such as the sun, moon, and birds also have a positive meaning for marriage.

Beginner Mehndi Design

Dulhan Mehndi Design

The beauty and beauty of henna often makes this painting often used as learning material for beginners who want to practice it in everyday life. Henna motifs for beginners start from simple motifs to motifs that start to be complicated. It is not easy to use henna with your own hands and requires tenacity.


The picture above is one of the design that can be used by beginners. Simple henna motifs can be started from motifs in the form of lines, motifs that are only applied to certain parts of the hands or feet without filling all parts. This type of motif is very suitable for learning materials for beginners.

Indian Mehndi Design

Mehndi Designs for Feet

Patterns to decorate henna using a jug image are commonly used by Hindu brides. A jug that looks simple also has its own complex pattern and requires its own tricks. Kendi has a pretty good meaning for the bride. Therefore, this design is often used in a Hindu wedding. The following is an example of a jug henna motif.


The picture above is an example of a kendi motif. Jugs are considered to be able to bring abundance of sustenance in the form of food, wisdom, wealth and a source of life. In graha pravvesh, the bride kicks a jug filled with rice which is placed in front of the groom’s house. It is also believed to be a symbol of immortality.

Foot Mehndi Design

Apart from drawing mehndi on the palms of the hands. The art of drawing mehndi on the feet is also becoming a trend nowadays. Various kinds of foot Mehndi design can be an option to make feet beautiful and no less antique than hands. Of course the foot henna motif can be used at various fashion events, birthdays and other big events.


The picture above is an example of a foot henna design using natural henna. The use of natural henna is recommended to keep your feet skin healthy and without side effects. Starting to learn to draw foot henna motifs can be started from simple drawings such as lines, simple flowers, to star drawings.

Mehndi Designs for fingers

The mehndi design on the finger is a type of henna style that can be your inspiration if you are too confused about which part of the skin to decorate. Mehndi motifs that are diverse and can be according to personality allow you to be able to paint henna on your fingers to get a different appeal.


The picture above is an example of a mehndi motif on the finger. Henna motifs on the fingers have advantages including the relatively short completion time and not too complicated styles that can produce beautiful back hand Mehndi design.

Love Mehndi Pattern

The Mehndi motif of love is no less competitive than other motifs. This design depicting affection is often used to decorate hands in engagements and weddings. In accordance with its meaning, love is an emotional outburst of affection and love can mean belonging.


The picture above is an example of a love Mehndi design. The shape of love which is depicted with a heart is one of the symbols of love. The shape of the heart is a distinctive feature of the appreciation of love. Love is part of art. Because love must be understood and fought for just like in the art of painting henna.

Floral Mehndi Design

Flower mehndi designs are currently one of the most popular forms of henna motifs. The beauty of flowers and the identification of flowers as a symbol of beauty and women make this shape in demand by women to decorate their hands and feet when using henna at events that are anticipated.

Floral Mehndi Design

The picture above is a form of flower mehndi design. The picture above is very simple but symbolizes the beauty of simplicity. Each flower also has its own philosophy, such as red roses which symbolize elegance, beauty, and love and affection. Yellow roses that symbolize new beginnings, as well as other flowers.

Arabic Mehndi Design

Henna motifs can be divided into several types based on regional background. Starting from Indian, Pakistani, African henna pattern, to Arabic mehndi design. If Indian henna pattern are known for their very complicated and detailed motifs, Arabic mehndi pattern are simpler and take relatively less time.

Beautiful Girl Henna Design

The picture above is one type of Arabic Mehandi design which is depicted on the feet. The characteristics of Arabic motifs are usually found in floral and leaf motifs and do not cover all parts of the hands or feet. Only in the form of a thick line motif. Making it quite simple and not spending a lot of henna often makes this motif popular.

Kids Mehndi Design

Not only adults can use henna design to decorate their hands and feet. Children can also use back hand Mehndi design as a decoration in several events such as birthday parties, or their sister’s wedding party or just attending a party that is being held at school. Here is an example of children’s henna motifs.


The picture above is an example of a kids Mehndi design. The motifs used are quite simple, only leaf and flower decorations and line motifs on the two fingers of his hand. This design is very suitable for use by children because it is simple. Unlike adults who tend to use more complex and detailed motifs.

How to Make Henna Motifs

The art of painting henna requires special skills and skills so that the resulting henna art can look beautiful. For beginners it will be a little difficult. However, for people who are used to drawing henna, this will not make them sweat even a drop because they really enjoy drawing henna.


Steps taken in drawing henna can be done in two ways. The first is to use henna powder and mix the henna to form a paste. Another way is to buy henna paste on the market which is already available in the form of pastes and cones (just cut the tip of the cone) which are ready to use.

Mandla Mehndi Design

First, clean your hands first using water and dry them while preparing the tools and materials needed such as scissors and henna materials. As a beginner, you can draw basic patterns first to make the next process easier. Patterns can be seen from pictures on the internet or you have your own imagination.


Next, make a pattern using henna above the basic pattern earlier. When finished, leave the henna for about 2 hours to let the color stick to the skin.


The longer the henna is pasted, the sharper the resulting color will be. After that, you can wash your hands using water until they are completely clean. Be the henna art of your own creations.

Final Words

Today I have gave you some ideas about back hand Mehndi design. Hope you have found some useful designs for yourself.  

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