Beautiful and Simple Trouser Design 2024

Trouser Design 2024

In this article I am going to show you some beautiful and Simple Trouser Design that are trending in 2024. Hope you will really like these Trouser Ke Design.

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With the start of summer season, every woman starts searching for comfort fashion. And their search ends with trouser pants. Yes, ladies trouser pants are not only comfortable but are also in trend these days. Every celebrity is styling trousers in a new way. Bollywood beauties from Madhuri Dixit to Deepika Padukone are including palazzos and trousers in their wardrobe. The special thing is that celebs are not only liking it as casual wear, but they are also liking it as party wear outfits. Let us know some beautiful trouser designs.

Poncho Ke Design

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First of all let us know what palazzo salwars or trousers are. Actually, loose fitting pants with light fabric are called palazzo or trousers. The fitting of these pants is equally loose from top to bottom. The most special thing about trouser design is that it looks very good not only with kurti, but also with tops, crop tops, short kurtas, and bra letters.

Trouser Design Simple

Along with this, it looks good on women of every age group and every weight. It is not that only thin women and girls can wear it. But If you are overweight and want to wear something trending then trouser pants are best for you. It is often made of thin fabric. Due to which you look slim and do not feel hot.

Where did the fashion for trouser design come from?

We all know that trouser designs are trending, but you are hardly aware of how they finally got included in our wardrobe. Actually, trouser pants are considered to be inspired by the Asian fashion of the 20s. These pants can be called the gift of China. At that time, people of the elite class in China used to wear wide silk pants. 

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Then these were called palazzo pants or pajama salwars. Gradually, with time, people of the general category also adopted trouser salwars. Today every woman knows these pants. Whereas, these pants also come in many designs. Which include straight cut, flared hem cut, belt cut, boot cut etc. depending on the cut. However, now high slit, ruffled, pleated detailing is being added to make them trending.  

Trouser Design

Here I will give you some trending & simple Trouser design ideas. That will really inspire you. 

Palazzo trouser

If you are also planning a summer holiday or going on a long journey, then definitely carry white trouser pants with you. Actually, white salwars will always give you a good look with any color kurti and top. Along with this, it will also be comfortable. 

Anyway, white color will give you a different cool look in the summer season. If you do not want to wear a simple Trouser design, then these days a net or frill pattern on the bottom of trousers is quite trendy. You can also get them stitched. Try to get these salwars stitched from cotton rayon fabric. Its specialty is that you will sweat less. Besides, it is also easy to maintain.

Cotton rayon fabric is available in the market in the range of Rs 80 per meter. However, its rate may vary depending on the quality. But if you buy fabric in the right range then you can get pants made on a very budget. The Trousers can easily be made in one and a half to two meters.

Chikankari Work Trouser Design 

Palazzo pants

Although chikankari work has always been trending, ever since Bollywood celebs have included it in their party wear wardrobe, both its demand and trend have increased. The special thing is that it is being liked a lot in heavy as well as casual wear. 

If you are one of those who follow the trend, then you should also include a chikankari trouser design in your wardrobe. If you want, you can get them stitched by taking cloth. But nowadays you will find many of its options on online e-commerce websites also. Talking about combo palazzo salwar set on e-commerce sites, you can easily get a wide range of chikankari trouser Ke design on all of them.

Their range starts from Rs 350. Apart from white color, you will get a wide color range in it. If you want, you can pair any color kurti with white trouser salwars. If you want to do something different, then choose trouser pants of blue, pink, red, green, yellow, brown color and wear white or contrast kurta with it. Both combinations will look great.

Palazzo Worn with Hem or Cap

Trouser Ke New Design

If you also want to look like a fashion diva like Bollywood actresses and are looking for a comfortable look in a wedding or any function, then palazzo pants are a good option for you. However, you will have to choose a slightly different way of wearing it. For this you should wear trousers with a crop top.

You can choose printed or plain trouser design as per your choice. With this you can wear a matching or contrasting crop top. Now to give it a stylish look, wear a long or short hem/cap on it. This look is perfect for summer. The special thing is that apart from being trending, it is also quite comfortable. You can enjoy a lot by adopting this look.

60 Thousand Sack Trouser Salwar

You must have often heard the name of bad fashion. Recently, a similar video regarding trouser salwar surfaced on social media. Its fabric is very important in making a perfect palazzo for the summer season. Because it is thin and very comfortable. But recently an Instagram user shared such a video of Palazzo trouser, which left everyone shocked. This trouser design, worn on a dummy in a mall, was made of jute sack.

Trouser Design Simple

The surprising thing was that its price was 60 thousand rupees. On one side of the palazzo there was a print similar to that of vegetable sacks. As soon as this video surfaced on social media, it went viral. Some people called it a sack of potatoes and someone said that you can take it for free.

Make Salwars from Palazzo

Ladies Pajama Design

If you are bored of wearing the same palazzo pants, then it is not necessary that you keep them confined in the wardrobe. You can also make great fitting trouser design or straight salwars from your old palazzo pants. By doing this, you will not only get a new outfit, but it will also look good.

  1. First of all, choose the palazzo in which you want to make trousers. Try to choose a palazzo whose fabric is a little thick.
  2. After choosing the palazzo, turn it upside down and make a square mark on it as per the fitting of your pants. If you are having trouble doing this, then make a mark using the measurement of one of your old pants. Mark a short distance away from the fitting you want.
  3. Now cut the palazzo as per the mark.
  4. After cutting, carefully lift both the parts and then stitch them with the help of a sewing machine. Start sewing from the upper side i.e. belt side.
  5. When your pants are completely stitched, make a belt. If you are not able to make a belt and want to keep it comfortable, then you can also choose the option of a half belt. It has elastic on the back side and half belt on the front side.
  6. If you want to make the pants look stylish then you can also make a V cut on its bottom.

You can make Petticoat from Torn Palazzo

Poncha Design 2024

Making trousers from the palazzo is a good option. But if you do not want to make trouser design from your plain palazzo, then you can also make a petticoat out of it. Many times it also happens that the palazzo gets torn like a seat. In such a situation he becomes useless and cannot even stitch his pants. In such a situation, sewing their petticoat is an easy and good option.  

  1. First of all, decide with which saree your palazzo is matching. If the matching is correct then you can sew the petticoat.
  2. For this, first of all open the seams of both the legs of the palazzo from the middle.
  3. Now after opening the stitch, make a mark on the torn part with a square from bottom to top in a straight line.
  4. Try to remove only the torn part. Do not cut the cloth too much.
  5. After marking, cut this part and separate it.
  6. Now sew these buds together from the middle.
  7. Your petticoat is ready, that too very easily. Since the length of the palazzo is the same as the petticoat, there is no need to adjust it.
  8. Palazzos are very loose and round, so the fitting will be right for you. 


In this article I included some simple and beautiful trouser design ideas. I have also given you some tips to convert your Palazzo into trouser salwar. I hope this article has given you some great ideas about choosing the right Trouser Ke Design.  Please do not forget to share this article with your friends.. 

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