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As the festive season is going to start, the ladies are in a hurry to decorate their closet with colorful dresses. While choosing the dress, ladies always put great attention on Gale Ke Design of dress. In this article we will show you some great options for Kurti Neck Design. So keep reading till the end… 

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Types of Gale Ke Design

Be it summer season or any other season we like to wear kurtis often. At the same time, you can easily get kurtis with many stylish patterns in the market. These Gale Ke designs are such that you feel absolutely comfortable even in summer kurti and also enhance your style, so let’s take a look at the special designs of summer kurti neck.

However, these days the trend of customizing simple kurtis made of simple fabric has developed a lot. Almost every person has started liking to wear such customized clothes. In this we are going to tell you some things by which you can make your simple kurti even more beautiful.

Before choosing the right neck design for your dress, you must have basic knowledge about the types of Gale Ke Design. Therefore, below I will give you brief introduction about major types of blouse and kurti Neck designs:-

1. Boat Neck Design

Boat Neck Design

The very first design I am telling you about is Boat Neck Design. This type of neck is mostly used in blouses. I hope you are well known about Indian blouses that are also called Choli in Hindi language. So these designs are very common in Lehenga choli and Saree blouses. If you are going to participate in a party then you can consider this type of Gala Design for your dress. 

2. V Neck Design

neck design 2024

V neck or V shape Gale Ke Design are very common in Pakistani Kurti designs. The design looks like the V letter of the English language. However, now more trends have been added in V neck kurti design. Some of them are adding additional laces and raybans around the neck. Peeko style is also getting attracted to V shape neck designs. 

3. Round Neck Design

Round Neck Design

Bedside with Boat Neck and V shape, round neck Gale Ke Design is also a favorite choice of ladies in the sub continent. Kurtis are best for round neck design. However, a Saree blouse with a round neck does not give a perfect look. 

4. High Neck Kurti Designs

Hole Neck Design

Along with this, this high neck design in white kurti looks very stylish. The combination of blue and black with white looks amazing. Its specialty is the slant cut from the middle of the neck and blue colored potli buttons to open and close it.

5. Lace Work Neckline

Lace Work Neckline

This design is a wonderful example of summer vacation style and comfort. To design it, a wide strip is made separately around the neck of the kurti and lace is used to connect the suit and that strip.

Kurti Styling Tips

1. Woolen Tassels

Woolen tassels, which look similar to pom-poms, are very much in trend these days. It has always been used in string but is now mostly used in neckline and sleeves.

2. Patch works

If you want to save your time then you can buy such readymade patch work from the market. Let us tell you that you can easily get this type of patch work Gale Ke Design in the market for around Rs 100 to 250.

3. Bundled Buttons

These buttons are called potli buttons. Let us tell you that you can make such buttons from the fabric left over while sewing a kurti. This styling idea is quite budget friendly. Because it is being made with the help of waste material.


So here I am going to close my article i.e Gale Ke Design. In this article I have placed some famous and trending neck designs. Also I have given you some tips to make your kurti design perfect. Hope you got some basic idea about Kurti Neck design. 

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