Simple Mehndi Design Photo for Girls 

Simple Mehndi Design

Are you looking for Mehndi design on the internet? Then you are at right place. Because I found an amazing  Simple Mehndi Design Photo Gallery for you. That you can try yourself at home.

Finger Mehndi Design

Now, many people prefer simple and minimalist Mehandi patterns for their respective weddings.

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Mehndi Designs for Eid

You are in the right place! Browse through this article to see interesting simple mehndi design photo gallery for your special day.

Grain Mehndi Design

History of Henna

The use of Mehndi or henna is an important tradition passed down from generation to generation in the entire world. However, the Indian subcontinent, Arabian peninsula, Malay region and some western countries are the main hub of Mehandi designs. 

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Mandla Mehndi Design

If we trace history, the use of henna was introduced during the Moghul rule in India. There are also historians who think it comes from Egypt.

mehndi design

Henna is grown commercially in countries such as India, Maghreb, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.


The largest Mehndi farming area in the world is currently Rajasthan in India which has over 100 processors.

Easy Mehndi Design

Linguistically, henna is known as ‘mehndi’ in Hindi and ‘henna’ in Arabic.


The Use of simple mehndi design Among the Malaysian community is also on rise. Mehndi is one way to beautify yourself or to decorate yourself. 


Henna is very versatile because it can be used everyday, or for special events such as Indian and Malay weddings.


In marriage, it has become a custom that the bride’s hands and fingers are touched. All the toes and hands are hennaed red with crushed mehndi leaves, ground to a paste. 


Each mehandi artist is unique in terms of the patterns they paint and also how to make the paste so that it produces red or dark brown colors. 

Heart Mehndi Pattern

The ingredients used consist of natural ingredients such as henna powder, water, tea powder, coffee powder, lime juice, sugar, tamarind, cloves, black pepper and so on.


However, today, simple mehndi design are not only for brides but everyone has the opportunity to be painted with henna.


In fact, this simple henna pattern is also popular with other nationalities, especially Indians, Malays, Chinese, Arabs and tourists from Europe.


10 Simple Mehndi Design

There are actually many simple henna patterns that you can try yourself because they are very easy. No need to hire someone to make a simple mehndi design for you at an expensive price. Bellow we have given 10 Simple Mehandi patterns that you can try yourself. 


Simple Mehndi design Openwork Flower. This simple filigree flower henna pattern looks very sweet, right? 


It looks a bit complicated but the pattern template is the same, only you have to draw in different areas according to each individual’s creativity.


The size of the flowers is just nice and not too crowded. You can try this simple henna pattern to look beautiful and sweet.


If you are someone who likes netted patterns and decorated with pearls, this simple mehndi pattern is perfect for you!


Are you interested in English style themed patterns? Try this simple henna pattern.


Looks like you’ve been wearing gloves like that. Very sweet!


Simple Rose Henna Pattern

Are roses your favorite flower? Haa, this is a minimalist pattern that you can try yourself.


This pattern is very simple and cute, suitable for wearing during the Eid season. Even children can style this pattern.


For those who don’t like full one-handed patterns, you can try this pattern. 

Mehandi Ke Design

This pattern is drawn on one part of the finger. The result looks very unique!

Royal Finger Mehndi Design

Our country is rich in different types of festivals, isn’t it? For those who want to visit friends who celebrate Deepavali can try this pattern.


This simple, modern-looking pattern is elegantly styled by all groups, whether it’s the elderly or children.


This simple mehndi design looks elegant, right? Can also be styled when celebrating Independence Day. You definitely look better!

Mehendi Design

The simplest pattern in all the patterns we have compiled here. 


Very suitable for beginners who are just learning how to draw henna by themselves. Try it if you don’t believe it!



In conclusion, there are many simple mehndi designs and minimalist patterns that you can try. 

arabic mehndi design

Just choose which pattern is suitable according to the situation or even the event, whether it’s for a wedding or just wearing it.


Not only is it legal and encouraged to be used by Rasulullah SAW, wearing henna on halal nails can also raise the profile of women out there. 


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Bridal Mehandi Design

Here are some bonus images for brides.

Mehndi Design for Brides